Limited edition giclée prints

A number of Geoff’s works have been reproduced in limited edition prints. Each print is individually signed by the artist and numbered. The ‘giclée’ printing process used to create each piece.

Giclée is from the French word meaning “fine spray”. The original work is digitally scanned, then the image is adjusted to match the original’s colours. An advanced ink-jet printer is used to transfer the image to paper. Giclée prints of Geoff’s works are produced on archival quality acid-free watercolour paper. Only UV resistant pigment inks are used, and prints are finished with an archival UV film. For more information on these techniques, visit Citrus Graphics.

Many of the works displayed in the gallery are currently available as limited edition prints. There are usually around 10 to 20 prints in each edition. Contact the artist for further information, via email: geoffsargeant @